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"Rural and Proud" is the tagline/motto/mantra for Green River, Utah-based community design non-profit The Epicenter.

In 2008, I developed a graphic identity for the Great State of Jefferson that represented the region’s diverse population of hippies, libertarians, milk farmers and pot heads. The region of northern California and southern Oregon tried to secede from their respective states in 1941, but lost momentum when the attacks on Pearl Harbor happened in the midst of their coup.

"Rural and Proud" was one of the phrases I designed for a series of t-shirts. The Epicenter has adopted the phrase and has since produced tote bags, t-shirts and painted the front of their building to include the phrase. Their new URL is

Is this copywriting? Branding? I don’t really know. I just know that I’m proud that something I made could evolve and grow over time, be shaped and wrangled by others, and come to speak for such a rad organization of active, passionate people.

Screenprinting by Hayley Crooks. Signpainting on the building by Miles Mattison. URL registration by Jack Forinash and Maria Sykes. Screenshot of painting in progress by me. Other photos by other people.

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