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North South Portland is a place-based, non-fiction research project created in collaboration with Sarah Baugh and Justin Flood. It was installed at Field Work from December 6, 2010 to January 16, 2011.

Statement of purpose:
North South Portland is an investigation into place. The project explores the effects of urban renewal on the South Portland neighborhood, in the form of a series of public window installations, events, workshops, screenings and lectures.

North South Portland aims to generate interest in the area surrounding the Field Work space through the exploration of urban history and neighborhood conversation. Through direct engagement with neighborhood residents, Portland State University students, urban scholars and oral historians, the artists wish to instill a sense of local identity and open a dialogue about contemporary issues surrounding land-use planning, public policy, and neighborhood engagement.


Walking: North South Portland
Talking: North South Portland
Histories: North South Portland
Process: North South Portland (coming soon)