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My friend Cyrus asked me to design the publication aspect of his MFA Thesis for PSU's graduate program in Art and Social Practice. This lovely little set of volumes was the result.

Ingredients: Ten-book series. Copy paper, colored paper. Cardboard box and silkscreen. Xerox. Printer labels. DIY. Free copies. A graduate-level education. Trade Gothic Bold Condensed No. 20.

He explains it better:

"Founded and hosted by Cyrus W Smith, Art Talk AM served as an archive of [Portland State University's Monday Night] lecture series, as well as an opportunity to hear some of contemporary art’s most important figures discussing their work in conversation...

A ten book box set that distills the year-long effort features Regine Basha, Harrell Fletcher & Jen Delos Reyes, Dan Attoe, Patrick Rock, Courtney Fink, Chris Johanson, Calvin Johnson, Lucky Dragons and Daniel Bozhkov."